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This is a permanent home for all of my public C# projects of miscellaneous origin.

There is a lot of stuff going into the C# library.  I've so far organized it into 5 libraries, one of which is portable.  I'm putting as much as I can into the portable library.  The functions that absolutely require that you be compiled with your correct platform are all in a single hardware library.  

There's a lot of useful stuff, in here ... and it will keep growing.

Right now, I have MemPtr.cs and a small hardware disk info library.  There's a small example C# WinForms program to demonstrate enumeration of disks (without WMI), and there is a small VB app that takes advantage of a C# class called FSMonitor, which is a pretty robust out-of-thread file system monitor with message queuing written on top of a NativeWindow (NativeWindows are useful).

MemPtr.cs is a lot like MemPtr.vb... there is a very thorough description at Blob, Mem and Other Useful Tools.

Also new is SafePtr.cs.  It's like MemPtr, but it's wrapped in a SafeHandle.  


 I'm going to try to pretty this page up, later.

My File system monitor class is probably better than the original implementation ... and it's written with WPF in mind.  You should take a look at it.


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